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ORIGOSafe – THE Solution to Distracted Driving

How many times do you see the news and see yet another tragic accident due to the dangers of texting and driving? Unfortunately it appears a bit too often. So what is the remedy? Obviously policies and/or Mom and Dad saying “no texting while driving” don’t seem to work. The answer is that we need a technological solution that removes the “accident causing” behavior of today’s driver.

The Solution: ORIGOSafe – watch and see how it works

Why our solution works

There are three distractions a driver faces: Visual, physical, and audio. The two that cause distracted driving accidents are visual and physical, i.e. staring and your phone screen and/or interacting with it. Let’s take a step further… How do you eliminate these distractions? It’s easy, just remove the phone from the drivers hands! That’s EXACTLY what ORIGOSafe does. It’s a docking station that requires the driver to dock their phone in order to operate the vehicle. Removal of the phone activates an incredibly obnoxious alarm and then deauthorizes the phone to that vehicle. This requires the user to call their administrator, whether it’s Mom or Dad, or it’s your fleet administrator. The system can be administered manually using the keypad on the device or syncing the device via blue tooth using the ORIGOSafe Administrator app installed on an iPad.


The makers behind the invention

This technology was invented by Clay Skelton of Roanoke, VA, but developed by Andrew Williams, a Wilmington local and owner of the Wilmington Makerspace. ORIGOSafe can be seen at or at the Makerspace where you can demo the equipment. The ORIGOSafe was developed using a lot of resources much like those found in the Makerspace, another reason the space was created in Wilmington, to help folks along the development process for inventions much like this one. This was an exceptional project as it incorporates the full gambit of “making” including: design, injection molding, circuitry, programming, and web and app development.

The device has been well received in the commercial trucking fleet. The recent claim-to-fame comes from a trucking company who submitted their yearly report. Installing ORIGOSafe in their vehicles dropped their accidents from every six weeks to zero accidents in an entire year! If that’s not a testimony, I don’t know what is. If you are interested in learning more about ORIGOSafe, visit their website at or you can purchase the ORIGOSafe here. The Wilmington Makerspace can be located using the details on the Contact Page.

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