Customize your Onewheel:

Check out our customize-your-OW option. Starting with our Recon Rail Mount Options, select a rail accessory, and a set of grips. Each item is 5% OFF and FREE Shipping.

We like to float, carve, chill, and rip.

More importantly, we like to be able to do any of those things at any given time. You can too.

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Elite Innovations | Performance Onewheel Products

Accessorize your Onewheel with

Recon Rails

36″ of mounting space for accessories, superior construction, secure fit, light-weight Aluminum Alloy, built in rubber handles.


Shot with the Recon Rails and Go Pro Mount.

Customize your stance with

Elite FF Adapters

Quickly adjust the position of your flight fins to fit your ride style.

Finally move your Flight Fins forward and back as desired for stability and control.

Board control like no other…

Shred Grips

These pads are designed to optimize turning power on your board.  Based on surf traction pads and the nature of the Parabolic Stringer, you double down on your cuts by combining the force of your toes and heels.  (Pardon the photos, samples not yet satisfactory)

Designed to mimic Parabolic surfing Stringers. Double down on cuts!

Customize your grip with

Elite Shred Pads

Easily switch your grips out without heat or permanent adhesives.

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