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Recon Rail & Flight Fender Adapter Instructional Installation Video

This is a 10 minute, informative demonstration of how to easily install your Recon Rails, the Flight Fender Adapters, and the spacers for Kush and Cobra Pads. Leads off with an overview of the components, purpose of the Recon Rail as a mounting platform, and some close up shots of installing your Flight Fender Adapter Spacers in case you are rolling on some thick 3rd party pads. Note that all purchases are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a MFR defect warranty. If you don’t like your product SEND IT BACK! The Recon Rail is the base platform for all of our accessories. The original intent was for moving your Flight Fins and we have a variety of useful accessories you can purchase on our site. Lights, camera mounts, slings, and more. The Recon Rail set is only $179 and for a limited time, comes with FREE flight Fender Adapters, use code ‘FFSendy’ with both in your cart. The Recon Rail is constructed of a 6061 Aluminum Alloy with a picatinny style mounting face. The inside is lined with a neoprene damper to add tension in the mounting process AND protect you Onewheel rail. The handle is 60A durometer urethane and is intended to be soft so that during carry, the tire rotates away from the body. The mounting brackets are 80A Durometer Urethane with Stainless Steel threaded inserts to receive the hardware. Flight Fender Adapters are injection molded Zytel ST801 Nylon, incredible impact resistance and austere weather conditions. There are two stainless steel threaded inserts for connection to the Flight Fender. The spacers are an 80A durometer urethane and provide a “locking” feature to the hardware when installed, much like a lock washer. Once your rails are installed, you can mix and match any accessories you like, move your fins, remove your fins, roll with only one, etc. The options are up to you.

In short, Recon Rails are a new mounting platform that allows you to expediently customize your Onewheel by adding accessories or moving your Flight Fins. The primary goal was to provide you with the ability to move your Flight Fins using our Flight Fender Adapters. We also have several accessories in our online catalog that have been tested and vetted for use. Each Recon Rail has a built-in rubber handle that centers over the axle. Carrying with said handle torques the board away from your body so you don’t keep bumping your Onewheel.  See installation instructions below.

I’ve got plenty of accessories in our catalog that have been tested and vetted for use on your Onewheel.  You can also shop picatinny accessories on your own if you like.

The board setup includes: Tire – FF Hoosier 6″…

Fender/Fins – Flight Fender & Flight Fins

Customizations – stock rail but with Recon Rails. Flight Fender Adapters, Elite Shred Grips, 1200 lumen lights, and Onewheel sling clips attached to Recon Rail………

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