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Bullets and Blurbs

All alliteration aside, we’ve been growing and expanding at a ludicrous pace as of late here at Elite. Our core group of five people is already accompanied a team of 10 contractors, freelancers, and interns in the software engineering, database administration, design, marketing, and videography fields. This blog is dedicated to highlighting what we’re up to right now and what’s to come in the next month or so in small chewable bites. I’ll take it chronologically since September to give you a taste of the speed at which we’re moving.

Elite Innovations Timeline:

    • September 3rd – Elite Innovations opens second location in the Chandler’s Wharf at 225 S. Water Street.



    • October 8th – Client Leah Sherrill nails her first ever pitch with her company, Special Pedals, and wins the Wilmington Discovery Forum. She is rewarded a chance to pitch at the Innovate NC Emerging Issues Forum in Raleigh for $10,000 in the social entrepreneurship category. She was also awarded a spot to pitch in the upcoming Cucalorus Connect rocket pitch sponsored by UNCW’s C.I.E.


    • October 18th – Elite Innovations celebrates it’s One Year Anniversary in Wilmington, NC!


    • October 23rd – Technical Consultant to Elite Innovations, Emilyanne Atkinson, who also helped plan our grand opening last October, will be heralded for her tireless work ethic and dedication to her community at this year’s Wilma’s Women to Watch awards in the rising star category.   Emilyanne is not only working on the Origo project for Elite Innovations, she is also the senior database administrator at CastleBranch, and co-founder of Cape Fear Women in Tech.



    • October 28th – Andrew Williams, CEO, and client, Leah Sherrill, will both be pitching at the Cucalorus Connect Rocket Pitch. Andrew will pitch Elite Innovations, and Leah will be giving her second ever pitch of Special Pedals.


    • November 3rd – Student-only “Innovative concept” pitch competition (last year’s flyer) during UNCW’s entrepreneurship week. After the pitches are finished, Andrew will be introducing these young and hopeful entrepreneurs to Elite Innovations with a speech of his own while judges are deliberating. The winning entrepreneur will receive a 6-month free membership to the Elite Innovations maker space. Coincidentally, competing in this same competition is what got me in the doors at Elite Innovations just last year.


    • November 11-15th – Cucalorus Connect. Elite Innovations as well as our business development manager, Ed Hall with his company, Petrics, will be featured in the 10×10 program that pairs filmmakers with entrepreneurs. Elite Innovations is also helping on the planning committee of this five day event. Cucalorus connect will focus on entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, and start-ups: “Where artists and entrepreneurs collide.”


    • No Date to speak of –
      *Picked up two more awesome products out of the Greater Wilmington Area to represent.
      The Flag Tender clips your flags to the pre-existing rod holder on your boat in just seconds, and lets you fly your flags high, dry, and secure, even while underway.
      The Tub’n’Shower Shelf eliminates clutter from your shower in an ingeniously simple way. Watch a user submitted product demo video here. (It’s quite entertaining, trust me)
      *Product branding nearing completion on the TailGator. The TailGator is a truck bed extension system that allows the user to safely transport ladder racks, couches, paddleboards etc. The patented modular connection system in the TailGator allows the user to attach virtually anything to the mechanism, such as a Miter saw, and turn their truck into a mobile workstation.


EI Employee Highlights:

*Jason Gillikin and Andrew Keener are our rock star software engineers who are currently splitting time between 3 different projects: The latest version of the ORIGOSafe system, a personal project, and one that cannot be disclosed due to IP.
*Ken Zeiger is our web/app development extraordinaire. Chances are, if you want something cool to happen on your phone or computer, Ken can make it happen. He’s revamping the web interface for the latest ORIGOSafe revision in coordination with our Raleigh team.
*We have also just hired on a new designer, David Eidson. It’s cool because if you change his last name around, it spells Edison… Coincidence? I think not! Check out his portfolio here.


I’d love to tell you more, but at the end of the day, a lot of our most exciting news is still intellectually protected and cannot yet be spoken about publicly. That being said, I promise we’ll have a few more BIG announcements coming up soon. Keep an eye out for us, Wilmington – we’ll be around.

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