Baccarat Basics


A winning player hand in Baccarat wins at odds of one to one. A banker hand is worth nine points, but the player can bet the hand that is closest to nine. A player can also bet on a tie if the player’s hand is closest to nine. The winner of a tie bet receives eight-to-one odds. The casino dealer must announce the totals before paying out the winning wager. The player may not hold the dealer responsible for the losses of other players.

While baccarat was originally played in Europe, it has a new life in Asia. With its proven track record, the game has been adapted to the needs of American gamblers. Baccarat is the perfect game for those who are not afraid of losing a lot of money, as a high-betting player can actually hurt the casino! This means that players should be patient and wait for the next shoe to come out.

Advanced players use the zigzag pattern system to determine when they have a double winning streak. Double winning streaks can occur in clusters and signal players to double down on their bets. A winning streak of three or more units is another indicator of a winning streak. Players should wait for the next streak before placing a second bet. The zigzag pattern system is effective, but some players find it too boring.