Our Consulting Role

Our experience in building product-based companies has given us the skills needed to optimize your Bill of Materials (BOM), streamline your supply chain, and find the right manufacturer for your product. Integration with existing online tools and platforms is one of our core competencies and a necessary step in making your business work for you. Elite has a proven method for streamlining your supply chain to reduce touches, vendors, and time-to-market. Whether you need low-volume or Proof of Concept (POC) production runs, or you are preparing for scale; consider us your one-stop-shop.

Customer Supply Chain

It’s easy for founders to stay focused the development of their product so it’s often important to delegate how it gets to your customers.  By combining the expertise of our product designers, logisticians, and operations personnel; we can deliver you the optimal supply chain setup for your business.  We understand that at the product level, you have a BOM; at the operational level, you have inventory management and fulfillment; and at the financial level, you have books.  Let Elite tie these three levels together to increase your productivity in the marketplace.

Success stories

  • Rush services are available.  To date, 1 IoT product and 2 mechanical products prepared for production in 3 months.
  • Elite has worked with over 45 individual and corporate clients with development or consulting of new product innovations.
  • Partnership with Amazon through Launchpad and Vendor Express.  Exclusive Amazon listings through Amazon’s inventory investment programs.


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