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Elite Innovations was founded in 2013 in the RDU’s Research Triangle Park.  The founder, Andrew Williams, developed his first product, TacLace, while deployed to Afghanistan in 2011.  Along with his peer Pete Foster, they prototyped the product in country using parts of their gear and the assistance of a local Afghan sewing master.  The product was further developed in the U.S.   After 9 iterations of design & testing, TacLace was manufactured and distributed to every Marine Corps Exchange in the world and the eCommerce sales began to gain traction.  In 2015, Elite pitched to Amazon VP’s in Atlanta, Georgia where we gained access to Amazon Launchpad listings and the Vendor Express program.  Having learned the pain of development, sourcing, and marketing a self-started product, Andrew began developing other products as a PM or Process Engineer.  After working on products such as ORIGOConnect, TacLace, and a medical product that fused imaging data into 3D heart models; Elite Innovations grew into a development company that has now worked on over 45 products since its inception in 2013.

In 2014, Elite Innovations relocated to Wilmington, NC where the company has held a since of pride for providing opportunities to modern tech talent and traditional engineers alike.  On the development side, the Elite team employs industrial designers, mechanical engineers, UX/UI developers, back-end programmers, embedded systems engineers, and creative types such as filmmakers and artists.  Our consulting team is comprised of experienced operations personnel and logisticians with global distribution experience.  Elite often leverages their partnerships with like-minded companies in the web & app development space, and supply chain or product consulting.

Elite’s success in product development is mostly attributed to the unique design thinking process embedded within the company. Our focus is on innovative solutions, not necessarily the obvious ones. The diversity in our team adds holistic perspective into our research, empathy, and ideation phases.

Success stories

  • Rush services are available.  To date, 1 IoT product and 2 mechanical products prepared for production in 3 months.
  • Elite has worked with over 45 individual and corporate clients with development or consulting of new product innovations.
  • Partnership with Amazon through Launchpad and Vendor Express.  Exclusive Amazon listings through Amazon’s inventory investment programs.


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